Hi, welcome at my portfolio-website. I am Matthijs and I have been programming for the web since 2004. Starting with simple HTML and CSS designs, I have expanded to more complex applications in PHP, C#/.NET and Java/C++ (Android). To make a technical story short: I can build websites. My focus is more on Front-end and Interaction design (with frameworks like Bootstrap and Content Management Systems like WordPress) were I emphasize on making a product usable and accessible. However I am always in for building full-stack, user focused applications.

Besides programming I’ve always enjoyed playing around with graphic design. My experience in this field is centrally focused around marketing campaigns and logo design (see my work for examples). As an extension on this, my hobbies include photography (which comes in handy for web/graphical design), tinkering with Arduino’s (building usable props) and Filming (making instruction video’s or after-movies of parties).

If you want to work with me, or know more about my resume, please contact me via the contact page.


2015 – 2017
Media Technology, Leiden University

2012 – 2015
Communication & Multimedia Design, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

2010 – 2012
Industrial Design, University of Technology Delft

2008 – 2010
International Baccalaureate, Anna van Rijn College Nieuwegein

2004 – 2010
Bilingual Gymnasium, Anna van Rijn College Nieuwegein