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Do you consider yourself a Tech Novice? This phrase can be interpreted quite broadly, but nowadays if you are working in software development, or any other technology related job, you might run into some expression, word or tool you find yourself unfamiliar with. It happens to me on a daily basis and does not only concern programming related terminology but involves technological changes as a whole. In the series Technology En Masse I will explore developments that have caught my attention and of which I think they deserve a proper introduction. If you are Tech Savvy and consider yourself an experienced computer user this series might not be for you. However, would you like a somewhat deeper understanding of a specific topic, please see if I have given it some attention or consider contacting me about it.


The Internet of Things What does IoT mean? In the first post of Technology En Masse we will take a look at the significance of IoT. Why is it currently trending and how can we make use of it within software development?


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